3 Best U.S. Cities to Visit in This Weekend

Life is very short to keep waiting for perfect traveling time. It is best to use weekends and explore the best cities in your own country United States. if you don’t know much about the United States, then here are the 3 best U.S. cities that you must visit on weekend to enjoy your life. Sponsored by the best flights website in the USA, ​Abogados de Familia

  1. Portland, Oregon:

Within Portland, you are going to make your best weekend outdoor. Simply spend your Saturday night at Portland Saturday Market and explore the Forest parks which are a thousand acres long. As there are a large number of opportunities for the hiking, Washington Park is the best spot for the visitors to get the image of the Portland roots. You must try the local brews of Oregon at the independent brewery and don’t ever try to leave the city without picking vegan doughnut. You can stay at the Jupiter Hotel or the Hotel Monaco to get Portland funky vibes.

  1. New York, New York:

NYC is the city that speaks for its own self and nearly every U.S. citizen has it on the bucket list. Seeing the entire city in one weekend is nearly impossible and it will take a large stay to see all the attractions. So, if you are visiting on the weekends, you can see some of the attractions there such as the Statue of Liberty for free on Ferry to the Staten Island and you can get best NYC view from the Brooklyn Heights. You should reserve your stay in the Upper Eastside to have easy access to the Central Park.

  1. Savannah, Georgia:

Because of the beautiful and historic squares and the Spanish moss at the ground, Savannah is the best town you must visit. The top places to visit in Savannah are the Cathedral of St. John and picturesque Forsyth Park but make sure that you have made your time for the history tour and the River Street nightlife to enjoy the beauty of Savannah.

New: An Adventurous Island

An island country in the  Pacific Ocean

Located near the centre of the water hemisphere, New Zealand is a must destination to visit during holidays. With its climate varying from wet to dry, one can find it very interesting. From beaches to lakes, mountains to plains, depending on what one has in mind, New Zealand can bring the adventurous side of many.

It also caters the hunger of nature lovers who are seeking for more greens and views and to relax one’s eyes and ears from the city noises. Pastures, plains, mountains, and different bodies of water will leave one breathless. Serving as a home to many species and wildlife, animal lovers will find it amusing.


With friendly folks and loving culture, any tourist may feel at home in this foreign land. Voted as one of the world’s peaceful places to go to, tourist found New Zealand comfortable and cosy to spend the holidays with their beloved ones. Away from the noise of cities, New Zealand maintains its quiet neighbourhood and clean surroundings that attract more friends from the wild.

For the food-loving people, New Zealand’s delicacies offer mouth-watering dishes and local dishes that will take you to cloud nine. Since it is located in the centre of water hemisphere, fresh seafood from fishes to different types of seafood can be found there. Nothing compares to freshly prepared foods. Fish and chips go along here in this country. With vast pastures and home to agriculture and livestock, New Zealand offers plenty of foods from roast lamb to Maori Hangi. New Zealand’s sweet and candies will give satisfaction to all who have sweet tooth out there. Their natural chocolate fish has been an old-time favorite, and a squared pineapple candy smeared with chocolate perceived as Pineapple Lump, and Jaffa – an inciting coating of an orange flavored candy with a chocolate, is a necessity for whole Kiwi lolly pot.

All in all, visiting New Zealand will never be a bad idea.